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Episode 43: Vacation Mode

Episode 43: 10 ways to know you NEED a vacation, and super cool ideas on how to take a break, PAUSE, and RESET, without breaking the bank

Here are some ideas, if you have more ideas please leave a comment in the comment section💕💕

1. Set aside money for travel monthly

2. Road trips

3. Stay with friends and family while on vacation

4. Travel during off-season periods

5. Staycations

6. Look for bundle packages: airfare, hotel, car rental bundles

7. Keep tabs on airlines for flash deals

8. Use google flights to find cheap flights, and set price alerts
9. Use hotel- tonight app or Priceline hotel deals feature

10. Plan a group trip with friends and split accommodation cost by staying in an Airbnb

Photo of Burj Al Arab from @wolnerchris

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Episode 42: How To Be A Good House Guest


Amazing photo of @dpipertwins carrying @away luggage

Summer is a great time to travel and reunite with loved ones, or just see new places. This episode is ALL about how you can enjoy living with a friend or a family the next time you go on vacation in such a way that when you are leaving, EVERYONE would sincerely miss you and be all teary eyed (snif snif).

Snapseed 2Before you pack your bags and move in temporarily with someone for the summer, click on this link to listen to what you need to know about being a good house guest.

If you have never spent time living with anyone else, i’m almost certain you’ve had a guest stay over at your house and you just couldn’t wait for them to leave. Here’s an episode for you to share with friends and family on how to be a good houseguest the next time they visit.

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