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Episode 54: Alone at Christmas

This episode was inspired by one of my podcast listeners who sent me an email about how she would be spending the Christmas break alone on Campus for the first time as an international student in America.

This episode Is dedicated to everyone who will be alone on Christmas, and it outlines some fun ideas that international students can do, while spending Christmas away from family and friends.

You can reach out to other international students on campus

A lot of international students don’t get to go to their home countries over the Christmas break so so many reason. Some of such reasons include the cost, VISA issues, travel restrictions etc.

you can reach out to other students on Campus and get to know them.

You can tour your own city

After you must have connected with the students on campus who for one reason or the other aren’t going home for the break, you can tour your current city together. When I moved to California for grad school, a lot of people thought all I was doing was spending time in Universal Studios and Hollywood. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes I lived in SoCal, but no I wasn’t touring the city as much because the workload at school needed all my attention. So the holiday is a great time to see the city through the eyes of tourism.

Touring my current city Nashville TN

Plan for Christmas and New Year’s Day

Remember that if you are planning to go shopping on Christmas Day or news years day, your favorite stores may not be open or may be open only for a few hours, so plan ahead. You may organize a potluck with other international students on campus and have them bring food from their respective countries, play games together, share stories and have a great time.

Nigerian “Puff Puff” Snack.

Binge- watch your favorite shows and movies

Christmas is a great time to catch up on shows and movies. Create a list of amazing movies you would love to see and see enjoy!

Practice self care

Take time out to relax, get a massage, treat yourself.

Partner with a charity group to help the less privileged.

It’s always a privilege to serve others and, and Christmas time is a great time to join organizations that serve those in need. Help out at soup kitchens, hand out items of clothing or literature to those who need it, and spread the love

Spend time with a local family/friend

If you get invited to spend the holiday with a friend or local family, take the time to enjoy the opportunity.share a little of your culture with them and get to know more of theirs.

Make out time to call your family

If you are spending the holiday away from friends and family, make sure you reach out to them as well. Be open about how you feel being away from them. Every time I open up and tell my parents just how I feel being away from them they have just the right words to make my heart feel a million times better.

Stay off social media and create new memories where you are

It can be really hard to wake up on Christmas morning and watch your peers all over the world spending time with their families and unwrapping Christmas gifts if you are spending Christmas alone. So stay off or minimize the use social media for the day. Don’t compare yourself with others and spend the day feeling sad and depressed. Instead spend that time creating new memories that you can share with your friends and family when you reconnect with them.

Catch-up with school work, and get ready for the next quarter

The holiday is a great time to get ahead with your studies. Reorganize your closet, and just get organized for the school year.

When I was a grad student I spent one Christmas on campus and made so many life changing decisions, because “loneliness” was redefined! listen to the full episode to find out what decisions were made.

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If you are spending the holiday alone, remember this too shall pass. Hang in there and make the most of it. Nothing beats spending time with family and friends, so make new friends, create memories that you can share with your family when you reconnect, and brighten the corner where you are.

How are you spending the Christmas break? be sure the leave a comment below.

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