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Episode 43: Vacation Mode

Episode 43: 10 ways to know you NEED a vacation, and super cool ideas on how to take a break, PAUSE, and RESET, without breaking the bank

Here are some ideas, if you have more ideas please leave a comment in the comment section💕💕

1. Set aside money for travel monthly

2. Road trips

3. Stay with friends and family while on vacation

4. Travel during off-season periods

5. Staycations

6. Look for bundle packages: airfare, hotel, car rental bundles

7. Keep tabs on airlines for flash deals

8. Use google flights to find cheap flights, and set price alerts
9. Use hotel- tonight app or Priceline hotel deals feature

10. Plan a group trip with friends and split accommodation cost by staying in an Airbnb

Photo of Burj Al Arab from @wolnerchris

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