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 My name is Ozi and I am a Scientist👩🏽‍🔬💉🔬💊🏥. I live in 🎼Music City,Nashville TN USA.  I love telling stories of all the weird and amazing things that have happened to me since I moved from Nigeria🇳🇬 to America🇺🇸; that’s why I started a podcast🎙🎤🎧, to 🅸🅽🆂🅿🅸🆁🅴.
During the week you’ll find me in a research laboratory trying to find a cure to a rare disease, but on the weekends my favourite thing to do is go hiking and be one with nature🌳🌴🍁👓 and just try to figure this whole work- life balance thing 🧖🏽‍♀🍾🍾 I’m excited to connect with you and would love to learn something new about YOU!
My guilty pleasure is 🆂🅷🅾🅴🆂 👠👡👢!!!. I have a room in my house dedicated to that, but i’m working on it 🤪.
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Episode 2: Celebrate the girl child!!!

Episode 2: I Grew up in Nigeria and I noticed that society applauded the male child and put more emphasis on his needs above that of the female child. On this episode,​​ you will hear my thoughts on the matter.

What do you think, and did you experience the same?

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Episode 1: Introduction!

Welcome to My Podcast Channel

Welcome To The Tales of an African Princess in America Podcast Website!!!

I created this podcast because stories are powerful, and by sharing our stories we can learn and grow together. I am really passionate about education for the Girl Child and topics in Career and health. I believe that when people are informed they make better choices. The stories shared on the podcast provide motivation and inspiration, and we know this by all the reviews that we get.
I also share the interesting experiences I’ve gained along the way since I moved from Nigeria to America- the good, bad, and the embarrassing.

Here’s a one-minute​ video Introduction

Earlier this year, someone asked me what my passion was; it took me a minute to collect my thoughts before I delved into a long epistle. She then asked me what I was doing about all the ideas and plans I had, and that was even a much longer pause…

I am passionate about science and research to find a cure to incurable diseases (hence my day job) but I also have a long list of other things I want to accomplish.

I found Podcasting, or podcasting found me! It was the perfect way to channel everything I was passionate about, to best communicate my “WHY”. Sharing information about Science, Education for Girls, issues that affect Immigrants, Healthcare, and creating a platform where awesome people could share their stories is how podcasting has helped me meet my goals.

I thought I could never find the time to do it while working full time in a research lab, however, I created the time for it. I began to find ways to create even MORE time for podcasting. I started with the tools I had. My cell phone, my laptop, and a mic, thanks to @anchor.fm.

I don’t mean to imply that juggling it all hasn’t been challenging, but the truth is “We All Make Time for the Things and People We Love”. I love science and I love podcasting. What do you love? Start Small, Start Now.


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