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Episode 49: Mammoth Adventure

Few weeks ago, Adé and myself decided to go camping with friends. It was our very first cave and camping adventure in the US.

We had so much fun and relaxation that day, that we decided to dedicate an entire podcast episode to talking about just that.


One key thing i learned that day was to learn to step outside the box, experience new things and most importantly share my culture with the world.  I encourage you to do the same, Enjoy!

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Episode 32: Project Experience Silicon Valley

Episode 32: A Young and Vibrant University Lecturer (Mr.​ Ernest Onuiri) had a dream to bring his students from Nigeria to visit Silicon Valley, as a way to motivate and inspire them. Please Listen to how this man is changing the traditional learning experience for his students. Enjoy

please click on the link below to listen to the full episode​​

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