Here you will find products and services that will help highly skilled professionals successfully self-petition for their green card under the Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver (EB2-NIW) category without the need for a sponsor, or the services of a lawyer.



Petition Letter

Sample EB2-NIW Petition Letter



10 Sample EB2-NIW Application Letters


Adjustment of status package


Includes sample cover letters, thoroughly completed forms I-485, I-131, I-944 and I-765


eB2-NIW Tool Kit

Everything you need to submit your EB2-NIW Application



1 hour call


per letter


ebook + call


Express service

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Shohel Rana
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I have purchased a deluxe copy from Dr. Ozi before applying of my adjustment of status in USA . The deluxe copy is really great, comprehensive, and super useful, it has everything you need. Moreover, Dr. ozi is super helpful. I trust her advice.
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I must commend Ozi for a job well done! She went over and beyond trying to put my petition letter in a good shape. First, she was not about the money. She genuinely worked hours on my letter, and still took me through the entire letter to explain why she thought it was important to have things written in certain ways. Secondly, she simply just has the experience! She has done this before, and hasn’t stopped researching on how EB2NIW petitions are best done by individuals. She gave insights that can only be gotten from such wealth of experience. Lastly, she gave me what I refer to as “wholesome package”. She actually gave an equally capable individual my letter to review…-we know a written document is as good as how many good reviews it has gone through! I really appreciate both reviews. Then she went ahead to send me other tips for the next step I may be working on once the I-140 is approved. All these for an hour consultation fees!!! Thank you, Ozi.
Crystal Benjamin (MS and PhD) Marital and Family Therapy and Family Studies. Trinidad and Tobago
"the immigration process was broken down into easy to follow steps."
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The PowerPoint was clear and concise. The examples provided were GOLD and your endless list of resources kept me up the night after the presentation. Thanks again!
Flavia (Masters Degree). BRASIL
"Excellent Presentation!"
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"It was amazing and was excellent to know more information about the EB2-NIW process. you explained all the questions and exceeded the schedule."
Yewande (MS Applied Economics. MS Technology Project Management). Atlanta
"It's clear that you're really committed to helping people."
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"You did an awesome job breaking down the process. Super helpful. I appreciate you spending the extra hour."
Olanike O (Plant Pathology) Louisiana
"That was a perfect lesson."
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"Very informative class."
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I just want to say thank you very much. I have never felt more confident about applying for the EBE-NIW green card than now when you spoke to me and put me through. God bless you real good.
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Not to sound cliche but I really do feel confident about applying for the EB2-NIW. I look forward to working with Dr Ozi more, she has so many insightful information on how to go about the application. I’m so glad I booked my session. I got a lot from just 10 minutes. Tips of the day – This program will work for you if you submit complete and accurate documents, CONSULT Dr Ozi, she is a living testimony and she can help you out be it arts or business, and get the DELUXE version. GOODLUCK!
Thiasa Esther
Thiasa Esther
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Hi Ozi! I would like to say for you that our combo card was approved and it is on the way to be delivered! 😃
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