F-1 Visa to Green Card.

This eBook contains information that will help highly skilled professionals successfully self-petition for their green card under the Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver (EB2 – NIW) category without sponsors or the help of a lawyer.

This Tool Kit contains information that will help highly skilled professionals successfully self-petition for their green card under the Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver (EB2 – NIW) category without sponsors or the expensive services of a lawyer.

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Perks of the "Deluxe" Version

This Deluxe version of the “F-1 to Green Card” ebook contains 21 chapters, template documents (in Microsoft word format), sample cover letters, sample recommendation letters, sample petition letter, information on the medical examination required for the green card application process, my credentials at the time of filing, timeline for green card processing, information on traveling while green card is pending, list of all documents submitted to USCIS and many more! 

Petition Letter
Cover Letters
Curriculum vitae
Timeline (Years)
I-485 Interviews

Purchase the "Deluxe" Version

This Deluxe version of the “F-1 to green card” ebook contains real experiences and sample template documents to help you get the EB2-NIW application process started.

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  • EB2-NIW Requirements
  • Steps to Green Card Application
  • How to Organize Application
  • Petitioner Credentials
  • Timeline of Application
  • I-485 Interview Experience
  • Cost of Application
  • Traveling on Advance Parole
  • I-693 Medical Examination
  • Sample Cover Letters
  • Sample Petition Letter
  • List of ALL Documents
  • Access to Additional Videos and Updates from Author


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  • EB2-NIW Requirements
  • Steps to Green Card
  • How to Organize Application
  • Petitioner Credentials
  • Timeline of Application
  • I-485 Interview
  • Cost of Application
  • Traveling on Advance Parole
  • I-693 Medical Examination
  • Sample Cover Letters
  • Sample Petition Letter
  • List of ALL Documents
  • Sample Recommendation Letters
  • How to Track EB2-NIW application 
  • How to pay for the EB2-NIW application

Meet Dr. Ozi

About the Author

Hi, My name is Ozi and I am the author of the book  “F-1 Visa to Green Card”. This  book presents in detail the process through which my husband and I got our green cards through the EB2-NIW category.

Ade proposes to Ozi

Adé and I were college sweethearts. We met in 2006 at Babcock University in Nigeria. Not long after that we relocated to the US as international students, got married and started a life in Nashville TN. We recently shared our love story on a Verizon advertisement for the Oscars 2020.

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27 comments on “IMMIGRATION

  1. Tolulope says:

    I just want to say thank you very much. I have never felt more confident about applying for the EBE-NIW green card than now when you spoke to me and put me through. God bless you real good.

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Dear Tolulope,

      I am glad you found the complimentary call helpful. My goal is to provide you with all the information and material that you need to successfully apply for your green card through the EB2-NIW category. I wish you nothing but success!

  2. Dami says:

    Not to sound cliche but I really do feel confident about applying for the EB2-NIW. I look forward to working with Dr Ozi more, she has so many insightful information on how to go about the application.

    I’m so glad I booked my session. I got a lot from just 10 minutes.

    Tips of the day – This program will work for you if you submit complete and accurate documents, CONSULT Dr Ozi, she is a living testimony and she can help you out be it arts or business, and get the DELUXE version. GOODLUCK!

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Hello Dami,

      I am glad you feel more confident about your application. It is important, to be honest about your credentials and take counsel on what you can do to make your EB2NIW application stronger. I wish you success!

  3. Olanike says:

    I must commend Ozi for a job well done! She went over and beyond trying to put my petition letter in a good shape. First, she was not about the money. She genuinely worked hours on my letter, and still took me through the entire letter to explain why she thought it was important to have things written in certain ways. Secondly, she simply just has the experience! She has done this before, and hasn’t stopped researching on how EB2NIW petitions are best done by individuals. She gave insights that can only be gotten from such wealth of experience. Lastly, she gave me what I refer to as “wholesome package”. She actually gave an equally capable individual my letter to review…-we know a written document is as good as how many good reviews it has gone through! I really appreciate both reviews. Then she went ahead to send me other tips for the next step I may be working on once the I-140 is approved. All these for an hour consultation fees!!! Thank you, Ozi.

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Thank you Olanike. Glad to have contributed to your application process. My goal is to help qualified individuals such as yourself successfully petition for the US permanent resident card/green card through this merit-based EB2NIW category. You have a strong case with lots of achievements and I wish you many more WINS!!!! Please do keep us updated on the progress of your application. Best, Ozi

  4. Shohel Rana says:

    I have purchased a deluxe copy from Dr. Ozi before applying of my adjustment of status in USA . The deluxe copy is really great, comprehensive, and super useful, it has everything you need. Moreover, Dr. ozi is super helpful. I trust her advice.

  5. Abdulkarim says:

    All I will say is thank you so much Dr. Your editing was great and also your advice. I now feel more confident in applying for the EB2.

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      I’m glad I was able to help you! I wish you the very best and hope to hear good news soon

  6. Simeon says:

    My 30-minutes session with Dr. Ozi was very enlightening. She took the time to listen to and answer my questions and allay my concerns. She also provided sufficient guidance on how to go about my EB2 application emphasizing the critical aspects to watch out for and pay attention to. She showed genuine interest in my projects/research and counseled me on how to prove their relevance.

    I would recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone considering their EB2 application and needing help.

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Hello Simeon, Congratulations on all your achievements!!! Glad I could answer your questions and provide assistance. I wish you success in your EB2-NIW application.

  7. Melco Martínez says:

    I had a ONE HOUR CONSULTATION session about my Final Petition Letter Draft for EB2-NIW and all the evidence that I have ready for the USCIS. As I told her it was way beyond my expectations. We are in front of a higher level professional who can even solve questions better than a 20 year experienced immigration lawyer, and I’m not exaggerating. It was way beyond the time, she doesn’t have the timer on, so you don’t rush, but the most important fact, it was way beyond what I expected from the review of my documentation, she reviewed EVERYTHING. What a professional Dr. Ozi and, finally, I told her what I wanted to say after 6 months research and writing: I HAVE NO MORE QUESTIONS! Thank you again Dr. Ozi.

  8. Miguel Lugo says:

    I’d appreciate your kind answers to these questions:
    Question 1: The Deluxe version is printed in paper or is it an electronic version like the Free EBook ??
    Question 2: How much is the cost for a Consulting Session ??

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Hello Miguel, the free and deluxe versions are both ebooks so they both get delivered immediately. The deluxe version however has lots of templates in Microsoft word format to help you get your application started. For our prices please visit the store page https://talesofanafricanprincessinamerica.com/store/

  9. Fatima says:

    Hi,thank you for the live video on IG.Is a medical doctor who hasn’t written USMLE qualified?I joined late.

    1. #TAPApodcast says:

      Hi Fatima, you may be eligible. It depends on what you are currently doing right now (your credentials) and the strength of your entire application. If you wish to schedule a consultation please use this link https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19209015

      1. Aderonke Ojo says:

        Been practicing since 2009,senior reg in Naija,wrote MRCP 1 & 2 and passed,I couldn’t write the paces(3rd) one cos of pandemic.I will definitely pay to ask you questions and get guidance.Thank you

  10. Aziegbemi says:

    Thank you so much for your time Dr. Ozi. I am humbled. If you had charged $500/hour, surely it is worth it, perhaps more. I look forward to furthering consultation hours with you while I properly cook, eat and digest the raw food and so many ingredients you have provided me. I did not even realize I was that strong of a candidate until I met you today. I am confident about EB2-NIW now. Prospective applicants, you might not comprehend fully exactly what I mean until you try “JUST ONE” consultation with Expert Ozi!


  11. Sarah Onuh says:

    Thank you so much DR. Ozi, I really appreciate your time, the 30min spent talking to you was very enlightening, thank you for pointing out areas that I thought didn’t matter, but actually those areas can help me build a strong petition, i really feel so confident about applying for EB2-NIW after speaking to you, I appreciate you. More grace

  12. EO says:

    Ozi was so personable and demonstrated a great fund of knowledge on the whole process. I’d definitely recommend her to her excellent and thorough services.

  13. Joy says:

    I had a great consultation with Ozi. She helped broaden my perspective regarding how to approach my case. She went out of her way and was extra kind to me. Thank you so much.

    1. Dr Ozi says:

      Thank you so much Joy. You have amazing achievements. I’m rooting for you.

    2. Esosa Mohammed says:

      I am so glad I went ahead to meet with Dr. Ozi via zoom because after speaking with her, I felt more confident. She definitely knows a lot about the NIW application. You are awe some!

      1. Dr Ozi says:

        Thank you! I am glad the one-hour consultation was beneficial to you. Best wishes!!!

  14. Tomisinn says:

    The consultation call was awesome! Feeling really confident about applying. Thank you so much for meeting with me.

  15. Fadekemi says:

    What an insightful and informative session. She was very thorough and detailed with the review. Her recommendations and guidance were apt! I would recommend her anytime and any day.
    She encouraged me to start putting my application early.

    It was truly an amazing (as well as encouraging time) with Dr. Ozi, she listened and highlighted the gap I needed to fill to make my application stronger

    Thank you for all you do.

  16. Ifeoma says:

    Dr. Ozi had a good balance of professionalism and a down-to-earth approach to the 15 minutes consultation session I had with her. I am highly confident of the fact that I am a strong candidate for this invaluable benefit. I didn’t know that prior to our meeting. She answered all my questions and gave me a clear timeline which included what I could start doing now to get my application ready within a specific period of time considering my peculiar situation.
    I highly recommend her services!

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