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Episode 63: Dealing with Clinical Depression

I grew up in Lagos Nigeria. There, people are generally very nice and extra friendly, like they want to know ALL your business, however, they MAY hesitate to share theirs. For instance, people can be very private about simple things like their travel plans. As  your may imagine, when it comes to serious issues like mental health disorders, well, it is discussed in hushed tones, behind closed doors. 

“Never mention this to anyone, It will bring shame to our family” 

As a result, many suffer in silence. The shame, the stigmatization, No one talks about it.

That is why I am INCREDIBLY PROUD of my guest on the podcast.  Her  Name is Ms. Chinazor Onyebuchi.  She is an SME business consultant; supporting small and medium sized businesses withixn and outside Nigeria.

She is an amazing young lady who is doing awesome things while battling clinical depression

She courageously shares her story to say ENOUGH of the stigmatization. She shares her story to let people know that mental health disorders are REAL, and to let others know that it is wise to seek help

In Her own words “ If I can Impact just one person, that would be totally worth it”

She also speaks about how depression has affected her personal and professional relationships.⁣

In her own words 

“ I have lost a lot of friends and it hurts“⁣

She also shares some of her lowest moments to show that if she can rise from depression and live a fully functional life, then you can too ❤️❤️❤️


You can reach Ms. Chinazor by Email, through her website, or on Instagram.

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