Should you wear a face mask to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus? how do you safely wear a mask? 

While on a shopping trip to walmart the other day, just as I pulled into the parking lot, another car pulled up right next to me. Out came a nice looking lady wearing a pair of black gloves.  She was clutching her handbag as she hurridely walked into the store.

I wondered just how many places she had worn the gloves that day? had she worn it at work? to drive? my mind went racing! The problem about wearing a pair of gloves everywhere is that maybe you touch something contagious in one location, you then carry it with you and spread it to other locations as you move from place to place.  

One thing is sure,  if you are not going to put on protective gear like a face mask, you have to do so correctly, otherwise, do not put it on at all. Here are some guidelines to help you safely use face masks especially during the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on and after taking off your face mask. 

2. DO NOT Wear face mask as a goatee.

3. DO NOT Wear face mask as a necklace.

4. DO NOT Wear face mask as a visor.

5. Avoid touching your mask while it is on your face. 

6. Throw used mask away.

7. Do not take off your mask to speak to people

Thank you for reading this article. To watch a short one-minute clip on how to safely wear face masks please click on the video on the left panel from the African Princess in America youtube channel.

Adé and I also recorded a podcast episode on our experience social distancing. Enjoy!


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