5 things to do at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sadly the coronavirus outbreak has caused millions to stay home, as schools are closed, and many work from home for the time being. Even though its a great thing to stay safe, lots of people struggle with ideas on how to spend the time indoors.

Here are 5 fun things to help you avoid boredom and maximize the time you have at home.

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1. Start a Short Project: Find a new podcast or YouTube channel and learn something new everyday. This may also be a great time to start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast yourself. If you already have a channel, go ahead and put out some new material.

2. Games: As you rush to the grocery stores to grab the last can of milk, bread and toilet paper (LOL), get some games as well. Growing up our favorite game was YAHTZEE. My dad showed us how to play the game and it was always exciting to get a full house (yahtzee reference). 


3. Movies: There are lots of amazing movies that you can watch to spend the time. If you want to try something new, try Nollywood movies. Amazon prime has an amazing collection of movies. Below is a link to a free 30-day trial for amazon prime!

4. Exercise: At the start of the year, many of us made new year resolutions to exercise and stay fit. With this coronavirus outbreak, DO NOT GO TO THE GYM. This is because the gym is a great place for infections to spread. Exercise outdoors, practicing safe social distancing.

activities during corona virus
Take long walks and exercise outside
activities during corona virus quarantine
Catchup with family and friends.

5. Calls: Now is the time to catch up with all your friends and family because chances are, they are home to!. Set up voice or video calls and share valuable tips with them on how you are staying safe during this time.

For up-to-date information on how to protect yourself during the coronavirus outbreak, visit the CDC website. What other fun activities are you currently enjoying with your friends and family during this coronavirus outbreak? Please share in the comment section below?

Dr. Ozi

Dr. Ozi

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