Living in your "truth" is way better than being mysterious. Your brokenness is your strength, it's your super power. That's what will change the world.
So many times on the Tales of an African Princess in America Podcast (#TAPApodcast) I have shared personal experiences, or invited guests who did.
Some of my listeners have commented that they find the stories shared to be inspiring, motivating and others say the stories are so entertaining.
I do this not solely to entertain you, but because stories and experiences shared help every single one of us.
Shared experiences can help us;

 Experiences shared helps break stigmas. The hardest part of going through life’s many challenges is putting on a brave face and acting like everything is okay. Depression, heartbreak, rejection e.t.c, are reality for many.  Sometimes hearing someone on the podcast say “hey that was me last year, but it got better “, sometimes THAT IS the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Realize that no one is perfect. Think about your favorite instagram celebrity, even they are not perfect either. Learn to love yourself through your life’s journey.  Don’t wait till you are a size 4 to love yourself, love yourself today as you navigate your current crazy exercise routine. Don’t wait till you get braces and fix your crooked teeth before you think you are worthy. You are worthy NOW.

Podcast Review

3. FORM A COMMUNITY: The world has much to gain from your story. Sharing is liberating. Someone out there is going through a battle that you once conquered. They need to hear that you made it through. Your story can make a world of difference. People actually care about your point of view, the journey to becoming the amazing person you are today. You are not alone in the things that you go through.

4. HEALING: Sometimes saying the words out loud or hearing someone articulate the very thoughts in our heads brings about the much needed closure we desire. I once read that someone described herself as an enigma. That sounded so cool! to be mysterious and unpredictable, wow! 
But honestly living in your truth is way better than being mysterious. Your brokenness is your strength, it’s your SUPER POWER!. That’s what will change the world. Yes, people love to gossip and they always will, but learn to take charge and tell your story YOUR way. 
Podcast Review
 To share your story on the podcast, please contact our producers by clicking on the link below.
 Think about a story you heard recently that inspired you. Why were you so touched by the story? Did you find the story to be relatable? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 
Dr. Ozi

Dr. Ozi

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