Lost Keys

⁣⁣ Do you ever get the feeling that you waste so much time looking for stuff?
 I just completed a 5-Day intensive search for the spare keys to our home.

One minute I had them, and next thing they were GONE! 
The worst part was that I had just returned a rental car, so I had the feeling that maybe just  maybe I left the keys in the rental car.

Late last night, while watching an episode of “The Office” on Netflix,  a still small voice whispered to me to “raise the couch” . Alas, there it was, sitting pretty!

So many times during “the search” I caught myself saying “I wish I could just CALL my keys!”

 Don’t get me started with how many times I search for my Roku TV remote control. Ish!!! 

Thankfully, I have a TV mobile remote control app on my phone so I use that everytime my remote control decides to magically disappear.

⁣When I found the devices that allow you to track your lost items, I said to myself “Ozi you have to share this”!

Can you imagine all the time and heartaches your could save with these little devices? 

All you have to do is hook your precious items (that spontaneously develop legs and walk away for you) to these tiny little trackers.

These are a few items that generate wings and fly away, and make you spend lots of valuable time searching for them

 Anytime you need to find them, all you do is press a button, and a loud ring will tell you just where they are!
 Yes it’s really that easy!
 Click on the link below to find all the items .

This is how much peace I had after I found my keys.

Now I experience some peace, because I know that next time my keys, wallet, thumb drive, purse, or TV remote mysteriously go missing, It’s only a ring away.

Disclaimer: This is only for Items lost within your home.  If you lost something while on vacation .. welp! 

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Dr Ozi

Dr Ozi

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