I Turned Down Money!

Last week, I did quite the adult thing, I turned down MONEY! This is infact a first for me, especially in relation to my professional life, and I have to tell you it felt absolutely WEIRD!

It even kinda hurt too, but I did it for the greater good. It also got me thinking about all the different reasons that people may have for giving up an offer that to others looked “Just too good to miss”.

⁣On this podcast episode, Adé and I discuss 3 major reasons we think would make people “leave money on the table” so to speak.


1. Moral Reasons. Sometimes an offer just goes against all you believe in. Adé shared a personal experience of a time when he had to let an offer go, for moral reasons.


2. Big Picture

Sometimes accepting an offer may stir you away from your desired goals or profession and only serve to waste your time and set you back a couple of years.

“3. Mental Health

How will your health be impacted by the new job? Will your stress levels increase? Is it worth the Stress?

Studies show that working long hours at work can negatively impact your well being and lead to poor health and  developement of unhealthy habits.

Have you turned down job opportunities or offers that meant losing money? What were your reasons for doing so? Leave a comment to let us know!

Click on the player below to listen to the full episode on reasons why people may turn down opportunities that others think are simply “too good to be true!”.

Dr. Ozi

Dr. Ozi

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