To celebrate International Women’s Day, My guest on the podcast today, Joyce Ijeoma Nwakanma is a phenomenal woman who is doing AMAZING things. She speaks about her experience moving from Nigeria to the US, and life as a Nurse Practitioner.⁣⁣
She also shares expert knowledge from her field; Cardiology. She speaks on the risk factors for coronary heart disease and lifestyle choices that can affect your improve your heart health.⁣⁣
Do you know that stress is bad for your heart? ⁣⁣
Emotional or physical stress events such as the loss of a job, loss of loved one, domestic abuse, all can induce symptoms similar to a heart attack. This is called “Broken Heart Syndrome”⁣⁣

The heart is one organ that is not easily replaced so listen to this episode to learn simple things you can do every day to reduce your risks for heart disease⁣⁣.

We also spoke about the fact that most African immigrants abroad love the healthcare industry,  particularly nursing. Joyce spilled some MAJOR tea on why she made the switch from a business administration background to nursing, when she moved to the States .⁣⁣

Joyce Ijeoma Nwakanma (Nurse Practitioner: Cardiology)

If you are a nurse particularly of African descent in the United States ,why did you choose the profession?⁣⁣

Are you happy with your decision or would you choose a different field if you had to do it over? ⁣⁣
IF YOU ARE NOT A NURSE, Are you home or abroad working in a field that you love, or was it chosen for you by your parents? ⁣⁣
Please Share your experiences in the comment.

⁣⁣Click on the player below to  listen to the  full episode. 


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