Episode 58: Eat with Your HANDS!

A common new year resolution that most people have is to stay fit, stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sadly few truly know how to go about it and often give up on these goals few days into the year.

On this UNIQUE Episode, I interview a Registered Dietician Ms. Abigail Clarke who encourages us to EAT WITH OUR HANDS, as a way to manage weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle in 2019.

Ms. Abigail Clarke is a Registered Dietician, and currently a Ph.D. student in Nutrition at Loma Linda University California.

Ms Abigail Clarke

Ms. Abigail Clarke

It isn’t what you may be thinking. I am not directly asking you to start eating with your bare hands, but to consider using your hands as portion control for your meals.


The hands are proportional to the body, they are readily accessible for measuring food portions because you always carry them with you!

I am going to show you in the following images below a few pointers on how your hands can serve as a guide for portion control. I also recommend Amazon products that will help with meal prep moving forward (Full disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases). One effective way that I control what I eat during the day is by packing my own meals.

A portion of chicken, fish, beef or other protein is the size and width of your palm.

Starchy carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, and rice are the size of your fist.

One palm full for nuts



A serving of fat, including peanut butter, olive oil or butter, is half a thumb.


vegetables in the palm of two hands.


Find out the benefits of eating with your hands by clicking on the podcast player below to listen to Episode 58: Eat With Your HANDS!!!


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