Episode 57: The Youngest Child Syndrome

I am the youngest in a family of 8. An ALL-female household with the exception of my Father. Being the youngest means different things, but I can tell you that I love to have a great time, and play is forever at the top of the list.

I’m all grown, I now have my own family, a career, and BILLS. I still get called the “baby of the house” and in so many ways I think I’ve outgrown the name.

Different people have unique ideas of how birth order plays a role in shaping one’s behavior. Below are a few ideas that people have

Growing up, being the youngest surely did have its perks, I mean I was constantly called “baby of the house” I mean come ON!

By the time I was born my parents had become masters at parenting. Having had other kids they knew what issues to raise an alarm over and what issues to let slide. I would often hear my older sis sisters say ” Ozi you are getting away with this or that…” but in my opinion, it really wasn’t that I was getting away with anything,I believe my parents were now more discerning about what the REAL issues were (LOL don’t quote me)

As the youngest, I was born into a level of normalcy. My parents already had their careers figured out and didn’t have to juggle that with raising a child, in many ways, I think it made the home environment more stable.

I also had a lot of caregivers, that in itself IS a Privilege. My sisters and parents were already there to guide and direct.

Growing up I noticed that every-time my dad ate, he would set aside a portion of his food for me, usually a piece of meat of fish. I started looking forward to this and would always check to see if he left me something. In so many ways that would make me feel super special.

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Now I wasn’t spoiled or any of that. For instance, We were given monthly allowances by age, which meant that I always got the least, but I never felt bad about it, to be honest, I never even spent the money. I had minimal needs.

Age was a BIG deal for a long time. I was considered too young to be involved in certain conversations or too young to go to certain places for the LONGEST time. But fast-forward to right now, and EVERYONE thinks I’m the cool one to tell EVERYTHING. So I often get too much information, but that’s what family is about no? Oh, how the tables turn.

Once I was born into a family of caregivers, who took care of my every need, but I can tell you that I’ve had to babysit my nieces and nephews too. All 12 of them, and counting… talk about paid in full and running over, oh how the tables turn.

I was handed down EVERYTHING! As the youngest of 6 girls, I really did need to have a great sense of humor because hand-me-downs were the order of the day. This I actually loved, and to this day, my sisters still hand me down clothes and what not, and I kinda love it

Many say that being the youngest child means that you are carefree and calm even in seemingly difficult situations. I think that if you have so many siblings, you probably have seen difficult situations play out before, and you know that no matter what comes your way it’s gonna be ok. Things always get worked out.

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Personally, I believe that there are other factors that play a role in shaping one’s behavior and not just birth order. Things like style of parenting, gender, age, and the role a child plays in the family.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that the sound of my mother’s voice is still one of the best sounds I’ll ever hear. If that makes me the baby, then I’m FOREVER the baby.

Are you the first child, the middle child, youngest child or the only child, and how has that affected your behavior?

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