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First, let me start by saying ” Never say Never”. Fur coats and accessories were definitely fashion items I thought I would never be interested in. I never really saw any styles that I appreciated until now. This Christmas, I decided to try incorporating fur items into my outfits and boy have I been missing out. I started with a Gray Faux Fur collar warmer scarf wrap and paired that with my Miss Sixty winter coat for added warmth. Oh Boy! This Fur collar felt so cozy around the neck. I decided to go for Faux Fur to save money. I got so many compliments on the Faux Fur collar Wrap that the next day I ordered a different color (Camel) from Amazon

I love to shop from Amazon, primarily for the two-day shipping. I really love the idea that when I purchase items online I do not have to wait a long time to receive the items. It also comes in handy for last minute shopping if I do not care to go to an actual brick and mortar store.
I will include links to the items below so you can help yourself to ALL the juicy items I got from Amazon.
Anyways so back to the fur accessories, I tried out. Find the link to the Faux Fur Collar below.

I have to warn you though, this fur business is pretty addictive, so start with items that are practical for you, before you invest in a mighty big fur coat, try small and practical items and see how it fits. I paired the lovely fur shoulder shawl with a white dress and a designer belt. While you might not have $ to purchase a Gucci belt, click on the amazon links below for alternative non-branded options.

I wore a white dress, and my favorite Jessica Simpson Vindie Pumps in Silver and Black (I love these pumps so much, I also purchased them in gold- Don’t judge) LOL.
I really hope that you get inspired by the way i have worn Fur accessories this season, inspired enough to try it out.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I am really excited to know if you love fur fashion and how you wear your favorite fur accessories. Please leave a comment below.

Last time I wore fur and visited a friend’s house, their Dog wouldn’t stop barking!!! Any ideas why? It was Faux Fur! LOL

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3 comments on ““Fur” Your Information

  1. You’ve styled it so pretty hun, it’s given me ideas for mine 💕 xx

    1. talesofanafricanprincessinamerica says:

      Thank you so much!!! So glad I could inspire you! please feel free to tag me (on instagram​ @africanprincessinamerica) when you rock your own “fur accessories”

      1. Of course hun, I def will 💕😘

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