Episode 52: Chronicles from Year 1

Adé and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary this month. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Us! Even though it’s our first year officially as man and wife, I’ve known Adé since undergrad in Nigeria (we met 11 years ago)

When I met him he had no beard, Not a single hair was sprouting on his face,but look at God😍😍😍.

Like most brides, there were things I wanted to do at my wedding that I ended up not getting.

I’ll give you an example. I initially wanted the candle lighting ceremony, to be lit by both families, but the venue we chose had a “No Open Flame Policy” which in my opinion made perfect sense.

Eventually, we opted for the Blended Sand Unity Ceremony (see picture below)


I am so glad we did, because we got a beautiful keepsake (See picture below).

This was especially important to us because Adé and I come from different tribes in Nigeria (Yoruba and Igbo respectively), and we speak separate native languages so for us, the blended sand ceremony symbolized the unity of our families, and tribes.
In the end, you don’t always get what you want, you get what you need.

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This time last year, all our friends and family were in Nashville TN, Some were visiting for the very first time, to celebrate our wedding ceremonies; the traditional and church wedding ceremonies.

exclusives 0001

Traditional wedding

Here’s to many more celebrations🥂To Love! When you see it, may you recognize it (even it it comes without the beard😝)
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On this episode of the podcast we share the lessons we have learned from being married for a year. We get real about stuff like managing conflict, finances and intimacy.

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Here’s to many more celebrations🥂To Love!!!

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