On this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing the author of the book “No More Sickle Cell Crisis @chy_butler.


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Have you heard of sickle cell disease? Do you know anyone affected?
There is a cure!!! In this book the Author takes you on her personal journey of discovering her child had sickle disease to the treatment and recovery process.
Chy Butler wrote this book after her son was cured of Sickle Cell Disease.
While the disease is considered “rare” in the US, people of African descent know a lot about this disease, because if you haven’t been directly impacted, you probably know someone who has.

Some question why she chose to marry her husband knowing fully well he had the sickle cell trait, well every situation is “easy” until you find yourself in it. Chy Butler shares her story about falling In love, marriage, And having a child born with sickle cell disease. Listen to discover the treatment, and ultimately his cure.
The episode left me so inspired and I know I keep saying this, but I just cannot say it enough. Please share your story. You never know who needs that hope today.

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