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The Tales of an African Princess in America Podcast is about ALL the interesting stories of my experience since moving to America- the good, bad, and the embarrassing!

Here I help you Stay updated on all the latest Episodes and more!!!

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Celebrate the Girl Child!!!

Episode 3: You have an Accent !!!

Episode 4: My “cheese situation”

Episode 5: My Very First Traffic Ticket

Episode 6: Should you get the Flu Shot?

Episode 7: The Mane Deal

Episode 8: The Mane Deal 2

Episode 9: 5 Things I Wish I Did

Episode 10: Things I wish I could Change

Episode 11: Monday Blues

Episode 12: Becoming a “safe” person

Episode 13: How I maintain Long Distance FriendshipsEpisode 14: 5 Culture Shocks I Faced When I Moved to America

Episode 14: 5 Culture Shocks I Faced When I Moved to America

Episode 15: How I Deal With Procrastination

Episode 16: The Time I Almost Gave Up

Episode 17: Make Saving A Priority

Episode 18: How I Dealt with Homesickness

Episode 19: Dealing With Envy

Episode 20: Life Lessons From My Glasses

Episode 21: What Is That Smell?

Episode 22: The Daydreamer

Episode 23: Options For Studying Abroad

Episode 24: Superstitions

Episode 25: How Long Does It Take To get Settled In America

Episode 26: Tolerance

Episode 27: The Real MVPs

Episode 28: A Day At The Park

Episode 29: Mother’s Day Episode

Episode 30: My Fitness Goals

Episode 31: Are you truly Happy?

Episode 32: Project Experience Silicon Valley

Episode 33: My Worst Job Interview

Episode 34: Dating and Rebound Relationships

Episode 35: My Lowest Moment

Episode 36: Hello 30!!!

Episode 37: What Will People Say?

Episode 38: African Weddings Part 1 (Dating)

Episode 39: African Weddings Part 2 (Bride Price)

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